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So you want to get your money working for you but you don't want to pay £££ for a Financial Adviser or they won't take you on because you haven't got enough money yet? 🙄

The good news is that there's now an ever growing number of great tools to help you...

You can quickly and easily get your money working for you by using sites such as Nutmeg, Moneyfarm and others - they ask you a few questions and hey presto, they select an investment portfolio to suit your needs and you're away.

There's bank accounts such as Monzo & Starling - with cool graphics so you can see how you're doing against your spending plan - more fun than it sounds, I found myself getting quite excited that I was on track to actually have money to put in my savings at the end of the month - the key is to think of what you are saving for and that you're making progress towards that.  It's still your money to spend, just on what you want this time.

But before you start using tools you need to get clear on what you're trying to achieve and clear the blocks that stop you doing it.

Never fear - Financial Coaching is here 😃 we can help you find your way through the maze, work out what fits with what you want to achieve, then you can set it up and get on with your life.  Sound good?  Give me a call and let's get it sorted.


Why choose me as your guide in this brave new world?

Experienced Financial Adviser and Counseller offering Financial Coaching
and Fincancial Wellbeing in the Workplace Training

With Diplomas in both Financial Planning and Counselling & Psychotherapy and being a Certified Financial Coach I can help you with your personal relationship with money as well as the practical skills to use it well.  Helping you with the "how to" and the "why don't I do what I know I need to?"

Why not ask your employer to have me in to talk to a group of your colleagues on Financial Wellbeing? 
That way you get some useful info and your employer pays for it.  It's in their interestes too though as Financial Stress is a significant drain on people's Wellbeing but also on their Productivity so it's a win-win to reduce it.


“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

How can I help?

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