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Helping women facing the loss of their husbands to navigate the rollercoaster of grief and ultimately take control of their finances  so they can feel confident going forward.

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Has your husband always looked after your finances and now that he no longer can
you don't know where to start?

As a former Financial Adviser and Bereavement Counsellor,
I have just the combination of skills to get you through this.
I can help you to pick up the reins and feel in control again.

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People make such a mystery of finances which makes us feel we could never make head nor tail of it 
but it's just like anything else, if you tackle it head on then keep chipping away at it, all becomes clear.

You may be trying to talk with his Financial Adviser about it but don't really get what he's going on about or maybe he used to do it all himself so you're playing detective to try and get a handle on what arrangements he had in place.  Either way, it helps to have someone in your corner to help you.

Some days though, it might just feel too overwhelming and you may just want to talk and that's OK too.

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Why choose me as your companion through this challenging time?

With Diplomas in both Financial Planning and Counselling & Psychotherapy and being a Certified Financial Coach I have an unusual combination of skills that can help you to navigate both the practical and the emotional aspects 
of your situation and
to help you find your way to a place of security and calm from which to move on with your life.
I have also been a Bereavement Counsellor at hospices and have helped people prepare for their husband's death.

I know things may look a bit bleak at the moment but you will get through this to better times.

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Ready to find out if I'm the help you're looking for?

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If you'd like to have a chat to find out if you feel I am the right person to help you?
                          to arrange a FREE initial 15 minute Zoom or phone conversation or complete the form below to ask me anything else (there are no silly questions).

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Consulting room conveniently located in central Wokingham, near Denmark Street car park or on Zoom.

Cathy Boddy
Bereavement Coach

Fees: £80 an hour face to face and £50 an hour for analysis or help with paperwork

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